Tyre Sizes

All tyres have, on their sidewalls, the standard information which descibes the specifications of the tyre.

All manufacturers follow the same standard. In the example shown, find below the meaning of each of the items of that specification. You will need this information when you order a replacement tyre, as the same model of car might have differing tyre specifications according to the wheels on the car or the choices of the previous owner.

In the example shown the dimensions are as follows:

Width (nominal section) - 205 millimetres

Aspect Ratio - 65% (representing the height of the sidewall as a % of the nominal section width)

Radial Construction - R

Rim Diameter - 16 inches (of the wheel)

Load index* - 95

Speed rating** - V

*Load Index:

Some vehicles require tyres that are rated to carry a higher load and therefore have a higher inflation pressure (such as on vans). This information is contained in the manufacturers handbook and the tyres will carry the marking RF (Reinforced) or XL (Extra Load)

**Speed Rating:

Tyres should always be replaced with the same or higher speed rating. The ratings are as follows:

S = 113mph, T = 118mph, H = 130mph, V = 149mph, Z = Over 150mph, W = 168mph, Y = 186mph

If you would like to increase the width of your tyres then please contact Paul at PPTyres who can guide you further.